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Online-exclusive Stack3d Supplement Expo returning for 2021 on June 14th

stack3d expo return

In 2020 we brought back our original Stack3d Supplement Expo after a lot of requests from fans that enjoyed the many we did a few years ago. The exclusive online event returned better than ever, with brands of all sizes taking part and bringing some excitement to the industry with massive giveaways, announcements, unmissable sales, introductions, and more.

After such a strong reception, we knew we’d keep it going moving forward and are here today to announce the 2021 edition of the Stack3d Expo has had its date set, and we are already getting the event together. The week of June 14th is when the next Stack3d Expo will be going down, which is three months away but close enough to mark it in your calendars and get excited.

The 2021 Stack3d Supplement Expo will be filled with all of the great highlights that made our previous events fun and exciting, and we have added a fun new feature. Exhibitors at the event can add video calling widgets to their booths, where industry people and fans can simply click a button and have private video chats with owners, representatives, and ambassadors.

The ability to chat with brands should make the experience even more like a physical supplement expo, allowing you to connect and have one-on-one conversations. For visitors interested in attending, all you have to do is visit sometime during the week of June 14th, from where ever you are in the world and using what ever device you have access to.

For sports supplement and functional food brands looking to take part and support the 2021 Stack3d Expo, reach out through our contact page or any of our social media platforms.

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