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Stacker2 Extasis Review: Reliable and balanced mainstream pre-workout

Extasis is Stacker2 Europe’s premier pre-workout, separate from its other competitors in the saturated category, with Rush V2 and Inferno Black, aiming for a more comprehensive experience. The supplement has just over 18g of active ingredients, including 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, 4g of beta-alanine to support performance, and various energy and focus ingredients such as EnXtra and, of course, caffeine.


Like Stacker2 Europe promises, Extasis is indeed a balanced pre-workout, coming through in all areas with reliable energy, moderate focus, a noticeable boost in performance and endurance, and mild pumps. The stimulating side of the supplement is surprisingly strong, giving you an obvious boost the usual amount of time after taking a pre-workout, which feels more than you’d expect from 300mg of caffeine.

stacker2 extasis review

Stacker2 Europe’s Extasis packs enough punch to get you awake, alert, and ready to tackle your workout with the energy providing a real rush that helps get you in the zone and the right mindset to train. The energy does drop off a touch after that initial kick, with the mental side fading a bit too, although they remain at strong enough levels to carry you to the end and ensure you have what you need to mentally and physically push each set.

While the energy and focus are good effects, the energy more than the focus, the performance benefits in Extasis shine just as well. It is that additional support that gives you the power to pump out solid sets consistently, even after you’d typically be drained. We essentially found the point of exhaustion to be delayed by the supplement, where you get more out of a set than you’d expect, especially when you don’t have a lot left.

stacker2 extasis review

The pump part of the Stacker2 Europe’s Extasis isn’t as good as the other areas of the supplements, but with everything else going on, it won’t leave you disappointed. The areas the product does well are, as mentioned, energy and performance, and it does them so well it draws your attention to them and really pushes you to use all your energy and take your performance to a level that’s usually too exhausting to reach.


Overall, Stacker2 Europe’s Extasis is a solid all-around pre-workout that gives the brand a worthy competitor in the mainstream European market. With a regular retail price of around €30 (35.65 USD) for a tub of 20 full servings, you certainly get your money’s worth. It’s not as strong or intense as some of the more premium higher-priced pre-workouts, but again, it provides an experience that’s balanced and reliable.

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