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Titan continues its creativity with its newest flavor of Native ISOZero

titan banana toffee isozero

Up until this week, fans of Titan Nutrition had just three flavors available for the brand’s native whey isolate-powered protein powder Native ISOZero, most of which are straightforward, traditional tastes. Those flavors include the common chocolate and vanilla named Double Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake and something a little less traditional in Cappuccino Joe.

This week Titan Nutrition has revealed and released a flavor that’s a little closer to Cappuccino Joe for Native ISOZero, in that it’s not your usual chocolate and vanilla, introducing a Banana Toffee ISOZero. It comes with all of the supplement’s reliable benefits, including 21.5g of protein per serving, all from premium grass-fed whey isolate, with an impressively lean 88 calories.