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Trained By JP makes its first-ever protein bar a vegan-friendly snack

trained by jp nutrition maveric bar

UK brand Trained By JP Nutrition from reputable bodybuilder and coach Jordan Peters has expanded quite well over the past year or so, branching out into several new categories beyond what it started with. The brand has protein powders, an amino formula, various pre-workouts for different experiences, and an extensive health and wellness line.

Something Trained By JP Nutrition is missing however is a competitor for the functional food side of things, a space that has grown immensely in the last few years. This week, the growing brand is finally coming out with a product for that part of the market with Trained By JP Nutrition’s first-ever protein bar, the Maverick Bar, packing a solid 20g of protein.

A key feature of the upcoming Maverick Bar is that it’s not dairy-based like most protein snacks; Trained By JP Nutrition decided to make it plant-based and vegan-friendly but still provide that usual 20g of protein. The product also has under a gram of sugar, which is impressive if it comes through with a delicious taste in either of its flavors, Chocolate Caramel and Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

Once again, Trained By JP Nutrition is looking to launch its protein bar debut, the Maverick Bar, sometime this week through its online store, of course, with no word on price just yet.