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Green Apple Candy comes to both of 1 Up’s stimulant pre-workouts

1 up pre-workout green apple candy

1 Up Nutrition has expanded the menu of its two stimulant pre-workouts this month, the blue-colored version designed for men and the pink-colored product for women. The new flavor is the same for both of the supplements, which does indeed make sense, as the other six options on the products’ menus are identical, from Sour Peach Rings through to Blue Raspberry.

Now available for 1 Up Nutrition’s pre-workout for men and its one for women is Green Apple Candy, which is the first apple-based taste for the supplement. You can grab either or both products this month, through the brand’s online store, where you’ll pay its regular price of $54.99 for a full-size tub of 25 servings or 50 servings if you want to use its still strong, half scoop.

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