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Amino Fresh follows last year’s rebrand with improved flavoring

amino fresh improved flavors

In 2020, Czech company Fresh2Go, from the same team behind the great-looking protein powder and nut butter brand Protein Way, rebranded its flagship beverage, Amion Fresh. It is, of course, an amino-based drink featuring a moderate 3g of BCAAs per can, alongside added glutamine, taurine, electrolytes to support hydration, and finally, caffeine for energy.

Fresh2Go and Amino Fresh are back this year with another change to the BCAA energy drink with greatly improved flavors that the brand says are closer to tasting like juice than the original. The product is available in the same two flavors, Tropic Mango and Lemon Lime, featuring the same main ingredients, with the only change being slightly fewer electrolytes.

The new and improved Amino Fresh beverage has been out and available in the Czech Republic for the past two months through the popular retailer Fitness Muscle. The second version of Fresh2Go’s functional drink will cost the same as its predecessor at €1.12 (1.33 USD) for a single, slim and sleek 330ml can.