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Bombbar drops oatmeal-based cookies under its health food brand Snaq Fabriq

bombbar snaq fabriq oatmeal cookies

Bombbar’s 2021 released spin-off brand Snaq Fabriq, which is more about healthy, low sugar functional treats, is welcoming its third product this month with Oatmeal Cookies. It is an obviously named item, with cookies made of oatmeal, alongside milk powder, egg, coconut oil, the sweetener erythritol, inulin, and various ingredients to support its three different flavors.

Bombbar’s all-new Snaq Fabriq Oatmeal Cookies have launched in three flavors, all relatively straightforward and made with the ingredient from their name. There are the two simple, lowest calorie options, Chocolate and Cranberry, and a flavor called Nuts, which of course, features a blend of four different nuts in peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews.

The macros on the Snaq Fabriq Oatmeal Cookies are not too bad, with 2g or less protein in a 20g serving, 4.1g of carbohydrates, 5.4g of fiber, in and around 4g of fat, and a calorie count between 69 and 73. For a limited time, the brand is discounting its healthy new cookies by 25% down to 120 ₽ (1.60 USD) for a pack of nine cookies using the coupon code “COCO“.