Chocolate Peanut Butter gives fans of Huge a second Huge Whey flavor

Apr 27th, 2021
chocolate peanut butter huge whey

Shortly after Huge Nutrition came to market with a strong variety of supplements covering pre-workout, amino, muscle building, fat loss, and more, it ventured into the world of protein powder. It was in November of last year the brand came out with Huge Whey, a whey-based product packing 23g of protein per serving and a fairly typical 120 calories.

The one downside to the Huge Nutrition supplement was that it only came in one flavor with a classic Cookies and Cream, although this week, fans have finally been given a second taste to choose from. Going alongside the brand’s original Cookies and Cream is another traditional flavor with Chocolate Peanut Butter available now on Huge’s website.