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G Fuel puts together its craziest flavor to date with the colorful Clickbait

clickbait g fuel

Gaming supplement giant G Fuel is back with yet another new flavor this week for its flagship energy and focus formula, and it is being promoted as the brand’s craziest flavor ever. The name of the product certainly makes it quite intriguing with “Clickbait”, featuring a busy and colorful label design filled with various illustrated characters and graphics.

Among all of the busyness going on in the label of Clickbait G Fuel, we can see a few specific fruits, in watermelon, pomegranate, and cherry, which we have to imagine play a role in how it tastes. The brand itself hasn’t provided any sort of flavor description, although that kind of goes with the name and really makes the product a bit more interesting.

As per usual, the place to go to get the latest from G Fuel is its online store at, where the creative new Clickbait flavor is available in individual tubs and a collectors box. A full-size 40 serving tub is $35.99, while the box, which is limited edition, comes with a tub and a shaker and will cost you $39.99.

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