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Comprehensive CNP pre-workout Full Tilt due to drop at the Stack3d Expo

cnp first look at full tilt

In our podcast with Mark Harrison from CNP in February, he mentioned we would be getting a special edition follow-up to the brand’s hit limited pre-workout from last year, the stimulant-focused Stim Junkie. He also said things would be a bit different with the supplement, as it is going to focus more on a comprehensive experience, as opposed to intense energy and focus from stimulants.

We’ve now got an actual look at that follow-up pre-workout product, albeit it a teaser image which you can see above, introducing what is officially titled “Full Tilt”. There is no additional information about the supplement outside of its name and what Mark Harrison mentioned in our interview from February, saying that Full Tilt is expected to be a more comprehensive, fully loaded pre-workout.

While we eagerly await details on the ingredients and dosages CNP is putting into its upcoming Full Tilt pre-workout, it has passed on a precise launch date for the product of Monday the 14th of June. If that date sounds at all familiar, it’s because the brand is releasing the supplement at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, which goes live on the 14th of June for the whole week.

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