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Chocolaty Cocoa Buffs arrives for Alpha Lion’s premium Superhuman protein

cocoa buffs superhuman protein

When Alpha Lion closed out 2020 with the launch of its premium and pure whey isolate protein powder Superhuman Protein, it dropped the supplement in a strong selection of flavors. The product debuted and is still available in four tasty options with Orange Gainsicle, Hulk Mint, Peanut Butter & Gains, and the cereal-based flavor, Anabolic Pebbles.

Starting today, Alpha Lion has a fifth flavor available for Superhuman Protein, with a type of taste you typically see brands and protein powders start with. The newest addition to the supplement is a chocolate flavor, something that was not on its menu initially, introducing Cocoa Buffs Superhuman Protein which the brand says might be its best one yet.

Fans of Alpha Lion can now grab Cocoa Buffs Superhuman Protein directly from its online store and with an introductory discount. For a limited time, you can save between 5 to 20%, with the amount saved depending on how many tubs you purchase. For the maximum 20%, you need to buy five or more, plus you get free shipping on orders over $100.