Cookies & Cream flavoring coming to Bowmar’s Protein Bar next Friday

Apr 2nd, 2021
cookies and cream bowmar protein bar

On Friday of next week, Bowmar Nutrition is extending the menu of its protein bar once again, its first addition to the product since Cookie Dough from November of last year. The upcoming flavor for the Bowmar Protein Bar is actually a little more traditional than we’re used to seeing from the snack, which has options like Sugar Cookie and Coffee Cake.

Bowmar Nutrition’s next flavor for its flagship whey concentrate and isolate-powered protein bar is Cookies and Cream; as mentioned, a relatively traditional taste. Like most of the product’s menu, the Cookies and Cream Bowmar Protein Bar will have 20g of protein and 5g of fiber, but more calories than any of its other whey flavors at a total of 250.