FDN Deal Alert: Save 40% on all of Myprotein’s snacks and functional products

Apr 2nd, 2021
fdn myprotein snack sale

The deal hunters at Fitness Deal News, more simply known as FDN, has an offer from Myprotein this week to help you save on a whole bunch of its tasty high-protein snacks and functional foods. It is for the supplement company’s US website too, so there are many products to choose from, but not quite the variety you get from Myprotein’s international online store.

The offer FDN has shared earns you a strong 40% off all of Myprotein’s edible items, including its high-protein Nuts Bar, Protein Brownie, the plant-based Vegan Protein Bar, and the tasty, multi-layer, Layered Bar. As mentioned, there are some functional items in the mix as well, with its concentrated Flav Drops, Protein Pancake Mix, Vegan Superfood Blend, and more.

For more information on the promotion, head over to the FDN website at fitnessdealnews.com and be sure to act fast, as typically, the stronger the offer, the shorter it’s available.

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