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Up and coming Foxhound Fuel creates stick pack bundles to sample its selection

foxhound fuel stick packs

Foxhound Fuel is the sports performance brand we recently introduced, with three separate supplements, each designed to support a different window around your workout. It has an energizing product to throw down before your training, a hydration supporting formula to drink during your workout, and the third item is all about recovery and intended for after exercise.

Foxhound Fuel is still a relatively new supplement company, so to get future fans interested and help newcomers try it out before investing in full-size bags, it has put together sample packs. You can now purchase any of the brand’s three products in bundles of four single-serving stick packs at $9.95, except for the post-workout, which is just a few bucks more at $11.95.

Alongside the four sample bundles, Foxhound Fuel also has a variety pack where you can try all three of the supplements at $14.95. It comes with two samples of each product plus a branded water bottle to mix them up in.