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Tropical Summer returns to Gainomax’s protein shake for another summer

gainomax tropical summer protein shake

Around this time last year, the functional food and beverage brand Gainomax out of Sweden came out with a special edition flavor of its higher protein shake, specifically for the sunny summer season. That taste was called “Tropical Summer” and featured and coconut and pineapple flavor combination, still packing the product’s usual nutrition profile led by a strong 30g of protein.

Gainomax has decided to bring back that product with all of its original features and flavors to get fans and followers ready for another bright and sunny summer. The brand’s Tropical Summer protein shake is once again only available for a limited time, and packing that lean mix of macros combining 30g of protein with 9.75g of carbohydrates, just over a gram of fat, and 175 calories.

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