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Gaspari rebrands Viradex to match its current SuperPump and SizeOn

gaspari nutrition rebranded viradex xt

You may have noticed with the last two releases from Gaspari Nutrition that they both featured a look quite different from the rest of the brand’s lineup. Those releases were Gaspari’s latest competitor for the saturated pre-workout market in Superpump Aggression and the rebranded version of its long-standing creatine and carbohydrate-based intra-workout, SizeOn Get Swole.

Gaspari Nutrition is now doing the same as it did with SizeOn for another one of its supplements, bringing it into 2021 with a fresh new look and feel to match its most recent efforts. The product getting the makeover treatment this time around is another long-running Gaspari supplement in the testosterone booster Viradex XT, which is retaining all of its original ingredients and dosages.

It is purely a rebrand for the product, and as you can see in the image above, it carries over that edgy, urban theme from SuperPump Aggression and SizeOn Get Swole, with spray paint and paint drip throughout the design. The refreshed supplement will be launching soon, but once again, it won’t have any change in formula, so you can expect all of the same benefits and effects.