Ghost Pump V2 Review: More refined experience with deeper pumps

Apr 15th, 2021

Ghost Pump has been a category leader since it hit the market three years ago in 2018. It is a stimulant-free pre-workout formulated specifically to enhance muscle pumps, and it does that better than any other supplement. The original Ghost Pump was so good, we created a list of top five pump pre-workouts because of it, as at the time, we were waiting for a standout leader to come along.

Ghost recently came out with a sequel to Ghost Pump, featuring a handful of changes to the formula, with the idea being it focuses on the areas it was already impressive and takes them even further. With the first version being our number one pump pre-workout, we got our hands on a tub and have been putting it through its paces over the past four weeks to see if it’s good enough to retain the crown.

ghost pump v2 review


Ghost Pump V2 is indeed on the same top-level as the original, packing painfully powerful pumps without any stimulants, although there are some distinct differences between them. The dense and intense pump was a major highlight of the first Ghost Pump, giving you a painful yet enjoyable pump to drive you through your workout. It forces you to feel a lot more of your muscle, and it’s an effect that happens quickly.

In the second coming of Ghost Pump, that dense pump is present and slightly better. The effect comes over you even sooner in your workout, making for one of the fastest-acting pumps we’ve experienced. We also noticed there is a touch more density or stronger muscle feeling to Ghost Pump V2, truly improving on that original experience.

ghost pump v2 review

The other key difference in the Ghost Pump sequel is the pumps aren’t as full or bloated. The effect is still there but not as efficient or prominent as it is in V2’s predecessor. It was very noticeable in the original, with the fullness coming on as quickly as the density; however, it’s not a negative thing. We prefer the balance of the updated supplement, especially since we’ve only experienced deep pumps in a few products.


Ghost Pump V2 is essentially what you’d expect based on Ghost’s goal of bettering the areas it already did really well. The result is, as mentioned, a little less fullness but the tradeoff is deeper, stronger, and denser muscle pumps. You do eventually build to that V1 level of fullness; it’s just not as fast-acting, creating a marginally different balance and experience that you will want to try if you enjoyed the original.