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Concentrated liquid flavor Sirup from Got7 gets a slightly more complex flavor

got7 nutrition multi fruit sirup

Sirup is Got7 Nutrition’s rather unique concentrated flavor product that comes in liquid, or syrup form, as its name suggests, and is designed to be added to water to create a tasty beverage. The idea is, you simply mix a serving of Sirup in water, and you get a refreshing, fruit-flavored drink that has no sugar and zero calories with a total of 45 servings in a bottle.

Got7 Nutrition has now launched another flavor of Sirup, which previously had three options on its menu in Orange, and the two originals, Raspberry and Black Currant. Available alongside that lot starting this week is another fruity recipe that’s a bit more complex in “Multi Fruit”, featuring, of course, a variety of fruits coming together for a fruit punch-type taste.