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Inspired adds three all-new ingredients to its multi-benefit muscle builder LGND

inspired lgnd prestige series

Tomorrow, 2019 Brand Of The Year Inspired is opening pre-orders for the new and improved version of its strength, performance, pump, and leaning formula, LGND. Not only is it a revamped version of the multi-benefit supplement, but it is the first entry in the brand’s all-new Prestige Series, which will eventually include separate versions of its reputable pre-workout DVST8 and FSU.

Inspired has carried over many of the key ingredients from its previous LGND for the Prestige Series edition, including its hefty 800mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, 100mg each of Laxosterone laxogenin and Cocoabuterol, and 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption. The rest of the ingredients in the formula are entirely new and are mostly there to support the muscle-building side of the supplement.

inspired lgnd prestige series

There are three other ingredients to Inspired’s upcoming Prestige Series LGND, including 50mg of horny goat weed, 100mg of PurpleForce branded purple tea, and 300mg of longjack. BioPerine has been added to the muscle-building product as well to further improve absorption, with the only ingredient missing from the previous version being the solid 600mg of Vaso6.

Once again, Inspired is opening pre-orders tomorrow for its new and improved LGND, and despite what is mostly a lot of additional ingredients, its price will remain the same at $64.99 and with the same 30 servings. To celebrate the pre-sale, the brand will be offering some solid discount where you’ll get 20% off for one bottle and 30% off for two or more, dropping it to as low as $45.49.