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Inspired will be the first to utilize the all-new pump-enhancing 3D Pump

inspired x 3d pump

3D Pump is an all-new supplement ingredient from the inventors of HydroMax glycerol and TeaCrine, bringing together a precise blend of pure citrulline, glycerol, and amla extract. As the name suggests, 3D Pump is indeed a pump enhancing ingredient and can be used alongside other pump improving ingredients for an even better, more complete experience.

Inspired has announced today, it will be the first supplement company to utilize 3D Pump in not just one but two of its upcoming products, both of which are a part of the reputable brand’s Prestige Series. We actually got a preview of that line last month, featuring two shadowed out supplements that looked like new versions of the pre-workouts DVST8 and the stimulant-free FSU.

We’re guessing Inspired is planning to use 3D Pump in those two pre-workouts, the Prestige Series DVST8 and FSU, alongside other ingredients to support the likes of energy, focus, and performance. Those products will also feature premium NO3-T nitrates, something you’ll find in the majority of the top-rated pump-enhancing pre-workouts on the market.

3D Pump itself is promoted primarily as a pump ingredient, but its core benefits also aim to help support hydration, performance, endurance, and recovery. The company behind 3D Pump suggests dosing it at 6g, the amount we suspect Inspired will be using, with half of that being pure citrulline and the remaining 3g divided up between the glycerol and amla extract.

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