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Mat Fraser teams up with the Buttery Bros to create Podium Nutrition

podium nutrition

Five-time champion CrossFit legend Mat Fraser, who retired from competitive CrossFit in February, has announced he is coming out with a supplement company in partnership with a few other people. Fraser has teamed up with the hugely popular pair of Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers, both of who are documentarians and better known as the Buttery Bros.

The name of the supplement company coming soon from Mat Fraser and the Buttery Bros is Podium Nutrition, and it is going to have three products when it hits the market this July. The brand has confirmed that in the works for its big launch is a stimulant pre-workout, a BCAA-based amino supplement, and a protein powder, all of which promise to taste amazing.

Most recently, Mat Fraser and his team were taste testing various flavors of the three Podium Nutrition products, with no details on any of the ingredients, only that the amino will, as mentioned, feature BCAAs. We’ll be sure to share more details on the brand as we near its launch, although that is still a few months away, set for sometime in the July of this year.