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Jacked Factory releases a pre-workout under its advanced Pro Series

jacked factory pro series pre

A little less than a year ago, we were introduced to Jacked Factory’s first-ever Pro Series supplement in its most potent competitor in the fat-burning category, with Burn Pro. The brand recently and finally turned that line of products into a complete collection, making it more than just Burn Pro, adding four all-new supplements, including the pre-workout Pre Pro.

Jacked Factory’s Pro Series Pre is, of course, intended to be a more advanced and comprehensive pre-workout, similar to Burn Pro compared to the brand’s many other weight loss products. Jacked Factory has squeezed a nice variety of ingredients into Pre Pro, with something for all of the usual benefits, supporting energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

jacked factory pro series pre

Each serving of Jacked Factory’s latest pre-workout competitor packs a full 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, and 2.5g of betaine, 300mg of elevATP, and 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance. You then have all of the supplement’s features to support energy and focus, with 370mg of caffeine from two sources, as well as alpha-GPC and a hefty gram of lion’s mane for focus.

Not too surprising, being Jacked Factory’s pre-workout under its more advanced Pro Series, Pre Pro is more expensive than any of its other regular line competitors. That includes Nitrosurge, Nitrosurge Shred, and Nitrosurge Black, with a price tag of $34.99 for a tub of 20 full servings and only one flavor available at the moment in a traditional Watermelon.