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Max Protein creates another flavor of WTF themed around dinosaur cookies

max protein dinodino wtf protein spread

Spanish brand Max Protein is back again this month with another fun, entertaining, and undoubtedly delicious flavor of its high-protein, low sugar spread; WTF?! For those that missed it, the product got a lot of attention when it arrived last year, with its creative and familiar flavors, including Oh Reolly? made with the brand’s own Oreo-like and high-protein, Blackmax cookies.

Last month, Max Protein put WTF?! in the headlines with the release of two M&M’s like flavors called Smaxi’s, one milk chocolate and the other white, and both with the brand’s Choco Buttons in the spread. Max Protein now has another tasty creation for its WTF?! protein spread, and like Oh Reolly? and Smaxi’s, it is themed around a popular mainstream food, and still high in protein.

Max Protein is introducing DinoDino WTF?! spread this week, inspired, of course, by colorful and classic dinosaur-shaped cookies, and it features caramelized cookie pieces in the cream. The product’s nutrition profile is about the same as its many other delicious flavors, with a 30g serving providing 6.9g of protein, 11.1g of carbohydrates, only 2.1g of sugar, 10.2g of fat, and a calorie count of 151.

Max Protein’s DinoDino WTF?! is out and available now to its home country through its website and for the very reasonable price of €7.99 (9.55 USD) for a moderate 250g jar.