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Naughty Boy goes all out in its loaded Illmatic Carb featuring a 50g serving

naughty boy illmatic carb

Naughty Boy has finally shared the formula behind one of its two more complex supplements in the Amino Family, with Illmatic Carb. This one is, of course, an amino product infused with carbohydrates, although, as expected, there is a lot more to it. Illmatic Carb is a fully loaded performance, endurance, and recovery supplement, featuring a huge 50g serving.

The key feature of Naughty Boy’s Illmatic Carb is, as mentioned, its carbohydrates, and for that, it comes with 31g of carbs per serving; 15g from Cluster Dextrin, 10g from Palatinose, and 5g of d-ribose. As mentioned, that is far from all the brand has squeezed into its carb-infused Amino Family product, as it also has amino, mood, and additional performance sides to it.

naughty boy illmatic carb

You can see Naughty Boy’s complete Illmatic Carb formula above, combining that solid dose of carbohydrates with electrolytes for hydration and a full spectrum of EAAs at a total of 8g. Alongside that is the additional performance support, including respectable amounts of tyrosine, ornithine, CreaPure creatine monohydrate, and a full 50mg of premium Senactiv.

Naughty Boy is looking to release Illmatic Carb in the coming weeks and months to go alongside its simpler two Amino Family supplements, Illmatic BCAA and Illmatic EAA, which are already available. We’re not sure if Illmatic Carb will have 30 servings like either of those other two, but we can confirm it’ll be launching in an intriguing Coconut and Pineapple flavor.