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NutriFitt gets into the superfood category with a loaded premium formula

nutrifitt epic greens

While its premium multivitamin Vita Fitt is still coming soon, NutriFitt has gone and released another entirely new and separate supplement, introducing Epic Greens. As you could probably gather from the name, NutriFitt’s Epic Greens is for the growing superfood category, and it brings together a truly epic formula with a lot of premium branded ingredients.

You can see the facts panel for the latest NutriFitt supplement in the image below, which can be a bit tough to read due to just how many entries it squeezed into the label. As mentioned, there are a lot of premium ingredients in there, several of which are branded blends, including Betta Berries, Greens Balance, and the PeakO2 performance supporting blend.

nutrifitt epic greens

Alongside all of those blends, NutriFitt’s Epic Greens has a complex of enzymes and probiotics for digestion and gut health, rhodiola, a reasonable 250mg of ashwagandha, half a gram of CherryPure tart cherry, and 2g each of inulin and acacia. As mentioned, it’s true to the name, with quite an epic combination of ingredients, all wrapped in flavored powder.

NutriFitt’s entry into the superfood category is available now directly through its online store at a price of $39.99, which is not too bad for what you get. Epic Greens also has the usual 30 servings per tub, and at the moment, it has only one flavor to choose from with a sweet and refreshing Summer Berry Tea.

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