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Nutrimuscle opens its testing program for an overnight protein powder

nutrimuscle night recovery protein blend

The ever-growing French supplement company Nutrimuscle does something quite different with its new and upcoming products, and it’s unlike any other brand we’ve seen. Every now and then, before it launches it to the public, Nutrimuscle puts a supplement into an alternatively branded, gold-striped bottle, then samples it out to a select few fans for feedback.

We recently saw the brand do this for Diet Protein Blend, and now it’s back a couple of weeks later with the same beta-testing approach again for another protein powder called “Night Recovery Protein Blend”. As mentioned, the product is a protein powder powered by milk isolate, and infused with creatine, glutamine, glycine, collagen, and ZMA to support recovery throughout the night.

We don’t have any of the exact dosages of the ingredients mentioned to share, only that it has a rather hefty 55g serving size, suggesting it’ll likely have full amounts of all of those features mentioned. If you’d like to apply to be a beta tester of Nutrimuscle’s all-new Night Recovery Protein Blend, head to this link here and be open to testing the supplement within the next month.