Obvi turns Cotton Candy into a limited flavor of Super Collagen Protein

Apr 23rd, 2021
obvi cotton candy super collagen protein

It was only yesterday we posted about another entirely new supplement — Beauty Sleep — coming soon from Obvi, just one of many that it’s revealed and released in the past few months. Today we’re back again with more excitement from the still young and fast-growing brand, as it has unveiled a flavor extension for its original premier product, Super Collagen Protein.

While Obvi has revealed and released many all-new supplements this year, it’s dropped almost as many additional flavors for Super Collagen Protein, with next month set to bring yet another. In May, on top of Beauty Sleep and the brand’s collagen and nut butter-based protein snack, it is launching an intriguing Cotton Candy flavor of Super Collagen Protein that’s also limited edition.

When it eventually arrives, you’ll be able to grab Obvi’s Cotton Candy Super Collagen Protein through its online store, where its limited-time tastes cost a bit more than the regular ones at $44.99 per tub. Once again, the brand is already having a strong year when it comes to developments and excitement, with this product only continuing that momentum.

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