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Olimp squeezes 20g of protein into a 60ml shot with zero carbs and fat

olimp protein shot

The popular supplement company Olimp, widely available in Poland and across Europe, has a new shot product this month, although it is not your typical energizing shot. The giant brand has taken the concept of a compact, on-the-go beverage and given it a bit of a twist, introducing Olimp’s all-new, creative, and relatively intriguing Protein Shot.

The product is indeed what it sounds like, with a small 60ml bottle that provides 20g of protein from a blend of collagen and hydrolyzed whey protein, with the former being the primary source. As you’d expect with a formula like that, the rest of Olimp Protein Shot’s macros are non-existent, as it has no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat and only 77 calories.

Olimp is rolling out its unique shot-style protein beverage in Poland, where you can expect to see it in stores and on shelves soon, and in just one flavor to start with Orange.