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Looks like there will be a second flavor of Animal’s flavored fat burner

orange mango animal cuts powder

Last week we shared all you need to know about Animal’s all-new flavored powder version of its original fat burner Animal Cuts, featuring a slightly different set of ingredients with similar intentions. While the supplement is not yet in stock on the brand’s own online store, you can grab it from Amazon in just one flavor with 42 servings per tub in Blue Ice Pop.

Being the legacy brand that it is, we were surprised Animal had put together only one flavor for Animal Cuts Powder, although as it turns out, there looks to be a second option on the horizon. An image has surfaced of two tubs of the flavored Animal Cuts alongside the original pill pack version, one tub is Blue Ice Pop, and the other has yet to be released.

That other flavor of Animal’s all-new Animal Cuts Powder is a little more common and traditional compared to Blue Ice Pop with Orange Mango, a flavor the brand offers for some of its other products. We’re not sure when Animal plans to roll out its Orange Mango Animal Cuts Powder, but for now, as mentioned, Blue Ice Pop is the only option over on Amazon.

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