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Eight-month-old Meal Prep from AllMax expands to three flavors

peanut butter chocolate chip allmax meal prep

In 2020, AllMax Nutrition introduced its take on the now rather popular category of whole-food-based meal replacement supplements with its obviously titled “Meal Prep”. It is an all-in-one product combining a balanced nutrition profile of 50g of protein, 67g of carbohydrates, 9g of fat, and 550 calories with a few added ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms.

AllMax Nutrition introduced Meal Prep in two flavors to start, both of which are pretty common for whole-food-based meal supplements in Banana Nut Bread and Blueberry Cobbler. This week the brand has bumped its menu up to a total of three options, introducing something a little more common for protein powders in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, out now in 20 serving tubs.