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ProBrands creates a special edition flavor with Paddle Pro Paquito Navarro

probrands paquito padel energy

Swedish functional brand ProBrands is no stranger to collaborations; in fact, it was just last year the company team up with model and actress Carolina Gynning for a collagen beverage and supplement. This year ProBrands has strung together another partnership and announced all of its details this week, which sees it working with Paquito Navarro.

Paquito Navarro is a professional Paddle (paddle tennis) player from Spain, and the product he has partnered with ProBrands for is a special edition flavor of its flagship energy drink. The collaboration is ProBrands Paquito Padel Energy, named after, of course, Navarro himself and his favorite sport, with the flavor of the beverage being Raspberry Pomegranate.

The formula powering ProBrands Paquito Padel Energy includes a moderate 105mg of caffeine, like most of its energy drinks, alongside electrolytes for hydration, vitamins, minerals, and no added sugar. Based on what the brand is saying, its collaboration with Paquito Navarro has been released this week and will likely be on shelves in Sweden soon.

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