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Redcon1 asks fans to choose Light or Dark for its Star Wars-inspired Total Wars

redcon1 light side dark side total war

An image has surfaced of two special edition products from Redcon1, themed around the official Star Wars Day, Tuesday the 4th of May, or better known as “May The 4th Be With You”. This is something the two-time Brand Of The Year winner did last year but with just the one product in a limited time flavor of its pre-workout Total War called Jedi Juice.

For Star Wars Day in 2021, Redcon1 has put together two limited-edition flavors of Total War, both featuring the same kind of label design as Jedi Juice but with a lot less color. The flavors are called Light Side and Dark Side, inspired by the good and evil sides of the Star Wars universe, and their labels reflect that with one mostly white and the other black.

It’ll be interesting to get a description of Redcon1’s Light Side and Dark Side Total Wars, as their names don’t obviously say a whole lot about their taste, with more details likely coming next week on the 4th of May.

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