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Huge launches its Wrecked Extreme collaboration with Review Bros at $59.95

wrecked extreme

The highly-anticipated pre-workout collaboration between Huge Nutrition and the popular review channel Review Bros, Wrecked Extreme, has become available and can now be purchased over on the brand’s website. We shared the formula behind the supplement last month, which is indeed loaded, featuring many ingredients and dosages for intense energy and focus compared to the original Wrecked.

Huge Nutrition and Review Bros’ extreme version of the pre-workout will cost you quite a bit more than the regular, more balanced, and well-rounded Wrecked at $59.95, versus $44.95. It is also worth noting you get slightly fewer servings in Wrecked Extreme at 20 per tub, whereas the original Wrecked has 25. However, based on the formula, the product looks to make it all worth it with its more intense experience.