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No Whey protein from Rocka gets a flavor-first protein bar spin-off

rocka nutrition no whey bar

Rocka Nutrition has rolled out another high-protein snack this week, which fans will know it already has plenty of, although this one is unlike most of its others. The German brand’s latest effort is similar to its previously released The Vegan Bar, in that it’s a plant-based high-protein product that carries on Rocka’s plant-based protein powder name in the “No Whey Bar”.

The protein bar spin-off of Rocka Nutrition’s No Whey promises a competitive taste and texture, separate from The Vegan Bar, and it has slightly less protein per bar at 13g compared to 17g in The Vegan Bar. The rest of its nutrition profile is relatively typical for an on-the-go snack at 18g of carbohydrates, with a lot of sugar in 13g, 8.5g of fat, and 211 calories.

Rocka Nutrition promotes the No Whey Bar as a more flavor-first vegan-friendly protein snack next to The Vegan Bar, so it does sound like the product makes up for that lower protein with a tastier experience. You can purchase the protein bar starting today from the brand’s website at €39.99 (48.38 USD) for a box of 18 bars in the one Chocolate Cereal Pops flavor.