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Rebranded Yeah Buddy keeps its original pre-workout formula intact

ronnie coleman rebranded yeah buddy

Back in February, Ronnie Coleman’s brand Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, unveiled its complete rebrand, giving its Premium and Vital Edition Series fresh new looks. The brand has now made one of its flagship supplements available in that updated label design, and it has brought a bit more with it than the more modern, spacious, and stylish branding.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has released this week, a refreshed version of its stimulant pre-workout Yeah Buddy, named, of course, after the original Ronnie Coleman quote. As mentioned, there are some changes beyond just its look, including a new selection of flavors and more sizes to choose from with 30 and 60 serving tubs instead of only 30.

The renewed menu for Yeah Buddy consists of six different flavors with Sour Berry, Green Apple, Mango Pineapple, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Kiwi. You can grab all of those flavors starting this week through the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series website in the 30 serving size at $32.99, with no sign of the 60 serving at the moment.

For fans wondering about the formula in the rebranded, reflavored, and newly sized Yeah Buddy, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has, in fact, carried over everything from the original. The brand is promoting it as relying on the same formula, which includes highlights such as 4g of citrulline malate, a reliable 420mg of caffeine, and 100mg each of TeaCrine and Dynamine.