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Mango makes its four flavors of RSP Nutrition’s vegan-friendly AminoLean

rsp nutrition mango aminolean vegan

AminoLean is RSP Nutrition’s anytime energy supplement enhanced with weight loss and focus ingredients, and is available in two versions, a regular and a plant-based, vegan-friendly alternative. Both versions feature pretty much the same ingredients and dosages for that same multi-benefit experience, including 5g of aminos, InnovaTea natural caffeine, and carnitine tartrate.

RSP Nutrition’s AminoLean isn’t an entirely new supplement, although this week it has an all-new flavor for its vegan-friendly version, the first in fact since the product came to market. Now available alongside the anytime energy supplement’s original menu of Pineapple Coconut, Cucumber Lemon, and Acai is the refreshing, fruit-based taste Mango, already in stock on the brand’s website at $24.97.

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