Hype Sauce and Snow Cone becomes flavors of the G Fuel energy drink

Apr 14th, 2021
hype sauce g fuel energy drink

G Fuel’s energy drink continues to grow at what seems like a monthly pace and now has significantly more flavors than the four it had at launch, and a lot of them are creative special editions and collaborations. Currently, the brand’s online store has 15 flavors listed in its cans section, but there are some not on there, such as the discontinued Dr. Disrespect’s Black On Blackberry and the Sheetz exclusive Red Licorice.

Another two flavors of the G Fuel energy drink have surfaced this week, both of which are options fans will be familiar with from the brand’s original G Fuel gaming supplement. They are Snow Cone, a powder G Fuel flavor introduced back in the middle of 2019, and Hype Sauce, also originally released for the brand’s energy and focus supplement in 2019, and put together in partnership with multi-media artist Mike Perry.

The one catch with the Snow Cone and Hype Sauce G Fuel energy drinks is neither of them is available online over at gfuel.com, with no word on whether that’ll even happen at some point. The two new flavors have surfaced at a Sheetz convenience store in West Virginia and are expected to begin showing up at other locations soon.

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