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Bulk unflavored Choline Citrate continues SNS’ run of releases for 2021

sns choline citrate

While we are now past the first three months of 2021, where Serious Nutrition Solutions promised to release at least one new product each week, it is still continuing to drop more and more supplements. This week the brand is rolling out another simple standalone product named Choline Citrate, featuring, of course, choline citrate to support focus and cognition.

Serious Nutrition Solutions, or SNS for short, has made its standalone Choline Citrate supplement a bulk powder formula, with a total of 500g per tub. You can divide that up however you like, but it does come with a scoop to make it easier to serve. That scoop measures in at a gram of choline citrate, working out to a massive total of 500 servings per tub.

As per usual, the first place to purchase the latest from SNS is through its own online store, where Choline Citrate carries a regular price of $29.99. You can also use your Stack3d Insider coupon code and drop the product a little further by 20%, down to $23.99.

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