More big name brands announced for the upcoming Stack3d Supplement Expo

Apr 12th, 2021
stack3d expo 2021 second round of brands

As promised last week, as we edge closer and closer to the upcoming Stack3d Expo two months away in June, we’re going to be announcing more and more exhibitors you can look forward to seeing at the event. The Stack3d Expo is an online-exclusive convention, taking place the week of June 14th, and is free to access for anyone by visiting

Last week, we named five brands that are going to be on display at this year’s Stack3d Expo, including Applied Nutrition, CNP, Core Nutritionals, Glaxon, and Barebells. One week later, we have another five to confirm with the supplement industry giant Muscletech, Pharmafreak, which is still building excitement for its Red Label Series, and another widely available brand in BPI.

The other two on the list are our Brand Of The Year for 2019 and maker of our number rated pre-workout in Inspired, and the always reputable and reliable ANS Performance. There are still plenty of sports supplement, functional food, and ingredient companies left to announce for our 2021 Stack3d Expo, and will all be revealed leading up to the event kicking off June 14th.

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