Tasty and high-protein Lyte Cookie launching shortly from VMI Sports

Apr 4th, 2021
vmi sports lyte cookie

VMI Sports has announced a lot of new products over the past few months, many of which have yet to be made available. We’ve seen a sneak peek at a new Aminogex Ultra, an on-the-go version of its pre-workout K-XR Original, and the fat burner Shred-XR. To close out the week, we have news on another upcoming item from the brand, and this one is quite a bit different.

Also on the way from VMI Sports and said to be launching shortly is the brand’s first-ever high-protein snack in the all-new “Cookie Lyte”. We imagine the product gets its name from VMI’s popular protein powder Protolyte, which does make sense; as mentioned, the Lyte Cookie is high in protein. We don’t know the snack’s precise amount of protein, only that it’s high, so probably somewhere around the 15 to 20g mark.

We’ll have more details on VMI Sports’ upcoming Lyte Cookie when it becomes available, and with the high-protein snack due to arrive shortly, that information will likely be along soon. While we don’t know any of its macros or ingredients, the brand has said fans can count on the product delivering an enjoyable experience with a delicious blend of taste and texture.