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Sugar-free ZOA goes outside of GNC and shows up at The Vitamin Shoppe

zero sugar zoa energy drink at vitamin shoppe

Last month, when the Rock’s highly-anticipated ZOA Energy drink began rolling out to stores, the brand notably launched the regular 100 calorie version through its website and not the zero-sugar alternative. The sugar-free ZOA Energy drink was exclusively introduced through the major supplement retailer GNC, which fittingly did not have the sugar one.

A month after that release, the ZOA Energy drink’s sugar-free version, with 15 calories per can, has become available outside of GNC. You can now grab the product from ZOA’s own online store as well as another popular supplement retailer in The Vitamin Shoppe. ZOA was actually already available at The Vitamin Shoppe, but only in the regular version.

You can now buy the cleaner, sugar-free ZOA Energy drink at The Vitamin Shoppe for the same price as the sugar beverage at $29.99 for a case of 12 in all five of its flavors, Wild Orange, Lemon Lime, Original, Pineapple Coconut, and Super Berry.

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