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ANS puts vitamin D3 into a standalone Juicy Orange-flavored spray

ans performance vitamin d3 spray bottle

Fresh1 is the name of a product or name of a family of products from ANS Performance, including Fresh1 Plant Based Protein, the multivitamin Fresh1 Multi, and the liquid formula, Fresh1 Omega-3. There is now a fourth entry in the reputable brand’s family with Fresh1 Vitamin D3, and while it sounds quite simple, the format of the supplement says otherwise.

ANS Performance’s Fresh1 Vitamin D3 is, in fact, a Juicy Orange-flavored vitamin D3 formula, that instead of coming in capsules or even powder, it comes in a compact and flavored spray bottle. The completely vegan-friendly product provides 25mcg or 1,000IUs of its title ingredient in a single-spray serving, and you get plenty of servings per bottle at a total of 230.

Canadian supplement retailers like Supplement Superstore are already stocking ANS Performance’s newest Fresh1 product and at a reasonable price considering the number of servings you get, at $19.99 (16.57 USD).