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Athletica announces the coming of its fourth version of Beta-HD

atlhetica nutrition beta hd pre-workout

Beta-HD is a long-running supplement in the Atlhetica Nutrition lineup, and it competes in one of the most competitive categories in the industry in pre-workout. For 2021, the established Brazilian brand is looking to revamp, reformulate, and relaunch the product, making for what will be the fourth version overall of Athletica’s Beta-HD pre-workout.

For now, the brand is not sharing the entire formula behind the latest edition of Beta-HD, only naming two of its main ingredients in beta-alanine at 2g per serving and caffeine at a moderate 200mg. We’re not sure if there will be any other ingredients in there, especially since regulations in Brazil are quite strict, but with an estimated serving size of 8g, it certainly has room around the beta-alanine and caffeine.

Atlhetica Nutrition plans on rolling out its fourth-generation Beta-HD pre-workout to its many stores and stockists across Brazil, at which point, we should find out everything there is to know about its formula. We can also confirm there are going to be at least two flavors for the supplement when it arrives in grape Strawberry and a more unique Lemon Ginger.