Summer comes to Clean Drink’s sustainable beverage by way of a summer flavor

clean savd summer lemonade

Clean Drink recently relaunched its sustainable energy drink originally named Rscued, with the same three flavors, the same main ingredients, fewer calories, and the new name, Clean Sav’d. Just a couple of months after that rather significant relaunch, the Swedish beverage brand is back, this time with news of a new flavor for the product themed around the upcoming summer season.

Fans of Clean Drink and Clean Sav’d, a beverage made from fruit that would otherwise be thrown out, can now find the energy drink on shelves in Sweden in a Summer Lemonade flavor. It has all of the same key ingredients as the other Clean Sav’d options, including a moderate 105mg of natural caffeine, vitamins, and it’s nutritionally friendly with only 13 calories in a sleek 330ml can.

While Clean Drink’s Summer Lemonade Clean Sav’d does look to be a limited edition product with the summery name and alternative look, we don’t see anything that confirms that, which could mean it’s here to stay.

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