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Capsule fat burner Core Blaze launching at the Stack3d Supplement Expo

core nutritionals launch date for core blaze

In February, Core Nutritionals confirmed it would be coming out with yet another new weight loss supplement sometime shortly, intriguingly named Core Blaze. The product is not actually entirely new but an updated version of a returning fat burner. For a long time, Core has had Core Burn in powder and capsules; however, in 2021, it is renaming the capsule alternative Core Blaze.

Similar to Core Nutritionals’ original Core Burn capsules, Core Blaze aims to be a comprehensive weight loss supplement, supporting multiple benefits, much like the flavored Core Burn powder. The difference is, Core Blaze relies on a slightly different set of ingredients and dosages to get the job done, and it can still be stacked with the brand’s stim-free fat burners, Core Shred and Sear.

The latest from Core Nutritionals regarding Core Blaze is the Brand Of The Year nominee has confirmed it is launching next month at the Stack3d Supplement Expo. There will be some sort of introductory deal or discount available, so if you’re a fan of the Core lineup, especially its extensive selection of effective weight loss products, make sure you check out the expo the week of June 14th.