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DNA Lean adds mushroom extracts to its dedicated immunity product

dna lean immune shroom

It wasn’t that long ago we saw the UK brand DNA Lean taking on the nootropic scene with its all-new supplement Gamma-Mynd, featuring a well-rounded formula and its own distinct label design. This month the brand is back, adding to the same line Gamma-Mynd is a part of, its Health Series, with the all-new immune support product Immune-Shroom.

The newest DNA Lean supplement gets its name from the fact it includes a handful of superfood mushroom extracts to support its goal of supporting and strengthening your immune system. On the mushroom side, the product features reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps, all in the mix at 250mg per two capsule serving, except reishi which is slightly more at 300mg.

dna lean immune shroom

Of course, DNA Lean has put a lot of other ingredients into Immune-Shroom to support immune health, including vitamins A, B6, C, E, and D3, echinacea, lycopene, garlic and olive leaf extract, and astragalus. Lutein is in there as well to help with eye health, and the commonly used BioPerine black pepper at 10mg a serve to improve absorption of the supplement.

Fans of DNA Lean and consumers in the UK can purchase Immune-Shroom directly from the brand’s online store for £24.99 (35.29 USD). That’ll get you a full-size bottle of 60 capsules, or if you sign up to DNA Lean’s email list, which you’ll be asked to do so on entry of its website, you can save 10% on everything and drop Immune-Shroom from £24.99 to £22.49 each.