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GAAM BCAA+ finally gets more flavors in Sour Cherry and Sour Apple

gaam nutrition bcaa plus more flavors

Proteinbolaget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition, has finally expanded the menu of its energized amino supplement GAAM BCAA+, which previously only had one flavor on its menu. As far as hybrid amino products go, GAAM’s is relatively straightforward, combining 8g of BCAAs with a solid 4g of glutamine, making it 12g of aminos per serving, plus 100mg of caffeine for energy.

Previously, as mentioned, GAAM Nutrition had only one option on its GAAM BCAA+ menu in Sour Cola, which has just been joined by two more sour-based tastes in Sour Apple and Sour Cherry. They’re both in stock and available through Proteinbolaget’s online store at 249 kr (29.51 USD) for a full-size tub of 30 servings, and that is outside of sales the major retailer frequently runs.

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