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Lonza introduces its probiotic TWK10 that helps enhance endurance

introducing lonzas twk10

It was only last month that we were posting about CarniPure creator Lonza and its all-new ingredient MuscleGuard in the European retailer and brand Body & Fit’s supplement Pro Muscle. Today we have another new ingredient from Lonza with the sports probiotic TWK10, and like most premium, branded ingredients, it is backed by a clinical study.

Lonza’s TWK10 is a form of the probiotic strain lactobacillus plantarum sourced from Taiwanese kimchi, and while probiotics typically promote gut health and digestion benefits, that’s not quite the case with this one. TWK10 has proven in a clinical study that it has the ability to increase endurance by as much as 75%, which can result in better performance and reduced fatigue.

TWK10 achieves its promising effect by supporting glycolysis, a natural process that produces energy for the body. “The increased release of available glucose via glycolysis during exercise fuels the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the body’s natural source of energy. More ATP during exercise means athletes can go farther and push harder.”

Another benefit of Lonza’s sports probiotic TWK10 well worth highlighting is its dosing. To get its endurance increase of as high as 75%, you only need to have 100mg, which is significantly less than most other performance and endurance ingredients. You can find out more about TWK10 through Lonza’s website, and look forward to seeing its market debut very soon.

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