Gaspari makes its two zesty new lemon flavors this week for separate products

May 29th, 2021
lemon ice proven eaas

This week, Gaspari Nutrition released the first new addition to the menu of its latest pre-workout competitor Superpump Aggression, with the lemon-themed recipe Lights Out Lemon. That flavor was actually confirmed for the supplement a couple of months ago in March, but again, it finally became available this week through the brand’s online store.

Gaspari Nutrition has decided to make things even more exciting by releasing another flavor extension alongside Lights Out Lemon, which is also lemon-themed but for the brand’s amino, Proven EAAs. The new zesty creation is Lemon Ice and is the first option added to the product’s menu since its debut in Guava Nectarine and Blueberry Acai.

Fans of Gaspari Nutrition can now purchase Lights Out Lemon Superpump Aggression as well as the Lemon Ice Proven EAAs, directly from the brand’s website. Like many other companies, Gaspari does have a sale this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day, giving you a huge 40% off of everything at and dropping Proven EAAs to $20.39.