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Original Barbell Brigade pre-workout is getting a second flavor next week

mango guava barbell brigade pre-workout

Barbell Brigade has put together many different products since its first-ever supplement, simply named ‘Pre-Workout, with the likes of Strength Stack, Performance Greens, and Immunity Support. Despite all those additions and expansions to the brand’s well-put-together selection, it has not added any more flavors to that original Barbell Brigade pre-workout.

In a few days, all of that is changing, as Barbell Brigade has confirmed that on Wednesday of next week, it is releasing the second-ever flavor for its comprehensive pre-workout. Currently, fans of the growing supplement brand can only purchase the pre-workout in a tasty Sour Gummy flavor, which on Wednesday is due to be joined by Mango Guava.

As always with Barbell Brigade, you are going to be able to purchase its latest effort directly through its online store, where the brand’s pre-workout has a regular price of $49.50 for a tub of 20 full servings.